Pattern Kits

As I have continued designing/working with wool, I’ve become aware it is not always easy to find a LQS that carries woven wool felt or felted wool in a variety of colors and yardage. It is discouraging to spend too much precious time and energy trying to gather materials! NO FUN!! With this in mind, I’ve decided to offer a few kits for some of my patterns. Kits will be available as I am able to make them and as I have the materials available. Because I am a designer – not a ‘wholesaler’ and not a store – these kits will be made out of my own working materials; which means each kit may vary in color and/or materials. For example, a kit may offer blue and beige wool for a pattern whose cover photo shows the project in red and white; kits will include the corresponding substitutions. Some kits will be wool felts; others felted woven wools. All will be quality fabrics that I use myself. I encourage you to consider trying wool felt if you have not already done so: prepared properly, it is NOT YOUR MOTHER’S FELT! Not only is it more economical, but it is very easy to work with. I will make every attempt to provide clear photos of the materials in each kit. Please remember computer monitors are different and colors may not be exactly as seen on your screen. Each kit will include an itemized sheet listing the contents. Prices will vary depending on the materials included.

Since I am making these kits from my ‘personal stash’, you may find that sometimes the appropriate color/amount of thread for the kit may have been wound off a much larger ball/skein of thread, may come in a skein, or possible a small ball. A variety of brand name threads may be used. All materials included are suitable for achieving a quality finished project. BE SURE TO VIEW DETAIL PHOTOS OF THE KITS/CONTENTS. EACH KIT IS ONE OF A KIND. Should you desire a kit and have a specific color in mind, please contact me via email and I will see what I can do. KITS CAN BE PURCHASED WITH OR WITHOUT PATTERN.

[One last thing…since my site currently does not have an inventory system that automatically removes a purchased item from the screen once it has been purchased, there is a small possibility that a second person could purchase a kit that has already been purchased. I will do everything in my power to remove listings as soon as they are sold; however should the same kit sell twice, I will work with the additional buyer to either refund the purchase price or put together a similar kit. Unfortunately, I do not currently have the resources or capacity to keep any large quantity of kit materials on hand. Perhaps, somewhere down the road, I will be able to add an inventory system to my site! Meanwhile I do appreciate your patience with the situation. ]