Susan Nelson's 'Mandala Dreams' in avocado and black

Susan Nelson’s ‘Mandala Dreams’ in avocado and black

Close up of Susan Nelson's 'Mandala Dreams'

Close up of Susan Nelson’s ‘Mandala Dreams’

Who would have thought that when I designed and produced my pattern “Mandala Dreams’ that in less than 2 years it would become all the rage to see the proliferation of ‘adult’ coloring books, many of which feature the untold design possibilities of mandalas! I tend to think of mandalas in relationship to Bhuddist monks; if I am not mistaken, some years ago I believe it was the Minnesota Science Museum (History Museum?) that brought in some monks to create – and then destroy – a large sand mandala. Anyhow, one of my fellow quilters here in Prior Lake decided to try my Mandala Dreams pattern and make a gift for her mother. Many of you may know Susan Nelson as the creator of the Fun’N’Done Patterns; she is an accomplished quilter and a talented sewer. She chose a rich avocado green and black wool felt to work with. (Begging your pardon – for some reason I could not get the color very accurate in the photo – even with the help of photoshop!) Anyhow, she did a wonderful job and was going to do a second one! Thank you Susan for sharing this!

Wool 'mug rug' by Mary Ring, Prior Lake Quilter and DayStitcher

Wool ‘mug rug’ by Mary Ring, Prior Lake Quilter and DayStitcher

This amazing little wool ‘mug rug’ was created by Mary Ring, one of my fellow Prior Lake Quilters and Daystitchers (those are actually two separate groups – one a daytime group, while the other is a more formally organized evening group – but many belong to both). She surprised me by presenting it to me as a thank you for my presentation introducing wool work to the group! [I had made little kits (for creating a mug rug) and gave them out to the group so all would have a chance to try wool/wool felt without having to find and buy supplies.] Anyhow, I think there have been a few ‘converts’!! To say the least, Mary is quite the ‘craftswoman’ and her stitches and workmanship is beautiful. I only wish you could see her exquisite stitches in the photo. To say the least, this will not be holding any of my mugs – I’m looking for a frame to put it in, so I can hang it on the wall; I’ll always see the beautiful work, but even more, I will be reminded of the kindness and friendships I have found through quilting and handwork! Thank you Mary!

Snowflake #1 topper beautifully done in red!

Snowflake #1 topper beautifully done in red!

I recently received another order for some topper patterns from the Hickory Stick Quilt Shop in Hannibal, Missouri. Pat (the owner) and Marla (manager) have been very enthusiastic about adding wool felt and wool felt patterns to their store, which is located on Main St. I asked Marla to send me a picture or two of any completed DesignAndBeMary toppers for this gallery – and she sent me this wonderful picture of Snowflake #1 done in reds and whites. It is so nicely done. I like the look created by matching thread colors to the felt colors, letting the design and beading stand out. And those little snowflake ‘buttons’ seem to be made for the piece! Don’t forget to click on the photo for a larger view! Marla said that this was made by ‘one of the girls’ at the shop – Diana Jones. Thank you for sharing this! (By the way – stop by if you are in the area. Their recent order included my most recent new patterns and they carry the National NonWovens line of wool felt.) Please keep sending me your pictures of finished projects!

Jane Coultas from the Prior Lake Daystitchers group has completed two of my toppers; Winter Trees With Birds applique pattern and the Dragonfly applique pattern. For both of these she chose to personalize her toppers with her own colors. I love the warm golds she used in Winter Trees and the addition of lovely gold colored sequins around the outside edge. Be sure to click on the photos to see a larger image; the colors show up so much better. She also sent me a picture of her partially completed Pinecones applique pattern and I really like the stitching she did on the pinecone scales.

Winter Trees with Birds done with warm gold tones

Dragonflys in blue!

Pinecones – partially done

Welcome to the Gallery! I hope that as you complete my patterns, you might take the time to send a photo to me so I can share it with others. As a new designer, I am both anxious and excited to see what all of you do with my designs and patterns – new colors, new stitches or embellishments, etc. I think sharing creative efforts encourages and inspires others to ‘stretch their own wings!’ Photos don’t have to be ‘fancy’ ones – but a sharp, clear, well lit image would be the best – and it’s perfectly fine to show the piece as it is being used. Be sure to include your name – a location or quilting/sewing group name is optional – so I can give you a ‘shout-out’!