This will be the page where I will post links (or lists) of various resources for materials and techniques that I have found to be helpful; perhaps you will also find them interesting and informative. I will also post links/downloads to pdf files that I have created involving relevant information pertaining to my patterns. This includes pattern errata, which despite the best efforts, does happen!


For a complete list of the exact names and numbers of the National Nonwovens wool felt colors that I used in each of the first 13 table toppers.


If you cannot find a local quilt or fabric store that carries National Non Wovens felts, there are 2 internet sites that I can recommend.

National Non Wovens online retail store –

Joggles –

Prairie Point

They both offer 12″ x 18″ sheets, samplers, bundles and yardage in a huge number of colors at very reasonable prices. National Non Wovens offers several different kinds of felt including wool/rayon blends, 100% wool, and bamboo(great for those with allergies to wool!) while Joggles offers the 35/65 and 20/80 blends.  National Non Wovens also offers free patterns and has both a Gallery as well as Resources link to their pattern partners, etc.


I am always happy to have you order from my website. But if you would like to see my patterns available at your local quilt, handwork , or craft store be sure to let them know that they can order wholesale directly from my website OR they can contact the following distributorship(s):


(otherwise known as the ‘oops’ factor!)

Pine Cones Pattern T12-007 – the supply list is missing a 7″X5″ very dark green wool for the dark green pine needle veins.

Tulip Swirl Pattern T14-017 – under supplies (for both colorways) there is a listing for 2-3 different greens for the center applique leaves and vines, each one being about 8″X 10″. However, ONE of the three greens(the one that serves as the ‘base’) should be a piece about 12″X12″.

Snowflake Trees Pattern T13-016 – under supplies for wool, you will need 2 pcs. of 19″X20″ squares of forest green felt/wool. One of these pieces will be the backing (you may use another
color if you wish!)

Birch Bark Mirror Tray T18-028 – on page 3 of the written instructions, step 6, the measurement should read “15 x 15” (not “5 x 15”)

Cobblestone Garden Path T19-034 – on the half sheet of the cobblestone numbers grouped by color, stones 6 and 77 should be added to the Color Group D

Blooms In Blue T18-031 – under supplies…the wool for the flowers was omitted on some of the pattern covers.  You should have 1 pc. 8″x6″ vivid royal blue for the center flowers and 1 pc. 9″ x 12″ bright aqua blue for the outer flowers.



I generally encourage the use of Japanese glass seed beads because they have much larger holes and tend to be more uniform than Czech beads or the inexpensive Chinese beads. Any bead may bre used, but only the Japanese beads will allow you to stitch with a Jenna Kimball/Foxglove Cottage sz. 9 redwork/embroidery needle (which can be used for all your wool embroidery) and a sz. 12 Valdani perle cotton. Beads come in a huge number of colors and finishes – avoid very cheap beads as they often are not permanent finishes. Beads do come in dye lots (so buy enough for your project!) and they can also fade if left in continuous light. You can also test them for durability prior to use – so your project will not suffer at a later point. There are many places to buy beads…a local bead shop (not so common!) and of course on line.

Two I have found are: Fire Mountain Gems….
and Aunties Beads….. I have purchased from Fire Mountain Gems and they are reliable. Have not purchased from Aunties Beads, but they appear to have a great selection…

Last but not least….Japanese beads are generally not strung – they come loose, measured quite often in grams. There are roughly 110 sz. 11 Japanese beads in one gram….while there is about 38-43 sz. 8 beads per gram.