This will be the page where I will post links (or lists) of various resources for materials and techniques that I have found to be helpful; perhaps you will also find them interesting and informative. I will also post links/downloads to pdf files that I have created involving relevant information pertaining to my patterns. This includes pattern errata, which despite the best efforts, does happen!


For a complete list of the exact names and numbers of the National Nonwovens wool felt colors that I used in each of the first 13 table toppers.


If you cannot find a local quilt or fabric store that carries National Non Wovens felts, there are 2 internet sites that I can recommend.

National Non Wovens online retail store –

Joggles –

They both offer 12″ x 18″ sheets, samplers, bundles and yardage in a huge number of colors at very reasonable prices. National Non Wovens offers several different kinds of felt including wool/rayon blends, 100% wool, and bamboo(great for those with allergies to wool!) while Joggles offers the 35/65 and 20/80 blends.  National Non Wovens also offers free patterns and has both a Gallery as well as Resources link to their pattern partners, etc.


I am always happy to have you order from my website. But if you would like to see my patterns available at your local quilt, handwork , or craft store be sure to let them know that they can order wholesale directly from my website OR they can contact the following distributorship(s): (for those of you in the UK or in Europe)


(otherwise known as the ‘oops’ factor!)

Pine Cones Pattern T12-007 – the supply list is missing a 7″X5″ very dark green wool for the dark green pine needle veins.

Tulip Swirl Pattern T14-017 – under supplies (for both colorways) there is a listing for 2-3 different greens for the center applique leaves and vines, each one being about 8″X 10″. However, ONE of the three greens(the one that serves as the ‘base’) should be a piece about 12″X12″.

Snowflake Trees Pattern T13-016 – under supplies for wool, you will need 2 pcs. of 19″X20″ squares of forest green felt/wool. One of these pieces will be the backing (you may use another
color if you wish!)

Birch Bark Mirror Tray T18-028 – on page 3 of the written instructions, step 6, the measurement should read “15 x 15” (not “5 x 15”)