In order to make it easier for you to find my tutorial series, or the a specific tutorial within a series, I will be listing them here, so you will have a faster reference than having to go back through the blog history. They still are listed in my blog, but hopefully by using this index you will spend less time searching for information and more time stitching!

FAUX QUILL WORK FOR WOOL AND FABRIC APPLIQUE TUTORIAL (as featured in the Native Beauty pattern).

FALL LEAVES TUTORIAL July 2012 (5 posts in the series)
(Because of the similarity of the construction and design, this tutorial works quite well for the PINECONES pattern)

• pattern preparation, materials, cutting and laying out
• materials and preparation for beginning to applique the two ‘snowflakes’
• stitching the various appliques for the top background
• beads, materials, methods for beading the background
• adding the background and finishing

ALL WOOL SAMPLER MODELS January 2013 (4 posts in the series)
This series was intended to focus on how to work with felted woven wools. Several small sample models featuring various options are featured during their construction.

• various pattern preparations
• use of fusibles with woven wool
• different beading-or not-options, backing choices
• a nice outside applique point

OPTIONS FOR MARKING WOOL options for marking wool

This post explains the basic construction methods I use in putting together one of my pins. My pins are constructed to be long lasting and are completely finished – they take a bit more work and craftsmanship, but most people agree that the result is worth the effort!  They work equally well in wool felt or woven felted wool. pin construction and techniques

This blog post explains the steps involved in making a faux birch bark wool fabric.


If you have enjoyed these tutorials – or have suggestions, questions, or comments – please feel free to leave me a comment.  Also, if you have completed any of my patterns and found that these techniques were helpful, please consider sending a photo of your project – along with your name (first name is fine) and location – to    for posting in my online gallery.