Remember those cut outs of felt in my last post? Well, ta da! Here they are as finished pins! Plus, I actually got another one done (the black and white pin). All of these – with the exception of the pink and brown one – were given as gifts. There are a few people who have been very helpful and supportive in getting me started with my patterns/designing. I think “Thank Yous” are very important. While I was working away madly on these, I actually had a few more ideas. Take a peek at the photos. More…

Jane Coultas from the Prior Lake Daystitchers group has completed two of my toppers; Winter Trees With Birds applique pattern and the Dragonfly applique pattern. For both of these she chose to personalize her toppers with her own colors. I love the warm golds she used in Winter Trees and the addition of lovely gold colored sequins around the outside edge. Be sure to click on the photos to see a larger image; the colors show up so much better. She also sent me a picture of her partially completed Pinecones applique pattern and I really like the stitching she did on the pinecone scales.

Winter Trees with Birds done with warm gold tones

Dragonflys in blue!

Pinecones – partially done

Welcome to the Gallery! I hope that as you complete my patterns, you might take the time to send a photo to me so I can share it with others. As a new designer, I am both anxious and excited to see what all of you do with my designs and patterns – new colors, new stitches or embellishments, etc. I think sharing creative efforts encourages and inspires others to ‘stretch their own wings!’ Photos don’t have to be ‘fancy’ ones – but a sharp, clear, well lit image would be the best – and it’s perfectly fine to show the piece as it is being used. Be sure to include your name – a location or quilting/sewing group name is optional – so I can give you a ‘shout-out’!