Remember those cut outs of felt in my last post? Well, ta da! Here they are as finished pins! Plus, I actually got another one done (the black and white pin). All of these – with the exception of the pink and brown one – were given as gifts. There are a few people who have been very helpful and supportive in getting me started with my patterns/designing. I think “Thank Yous” are very important. While I was working away madly on these, I actually had a few more ideas. Take a peek at the photos.

I have a girlfriend who, along with her family, is very special to me. Neither of us has sisters. She owns a very successful online quilt shop at www.Everything Unfortunately, we live several states apart – which our families might consider a good thing considering the ‘mischief’ we could get into together if we lived closer!! For several years we have exchanged Christmas and birthday gift boxes – can you believe that we share the same birthday in December? This year I have been quite behind – so it seems – and was running low on ideas. I had sent a couple of flannel ‘rag cut quilts’ for her son and husband (they had absconded with the one I made for her a few years back!), but needed to come up with something for her birthday. I decided on a pin – however the challenge here was that she is allergic – like REALLY allergic – to wool.

So I succumbed to getting some eco-craft type felt and went to work. As you may already know, I am not a big fan of acrylic felt, but sometimes you just have to use what you have to use. I would like to try the bamboo/rayon felt that National NonWovens makes, but didn’t have the time to order any. You can see the results in the picture. The really (not so) funny part of this is that as I finished the pin and was getting ready to place it on a card to mail it, I realized in horror that I had used wool for the green berries in the center! You have got to be kidding!! And there was no time left to get another one done!

When not worn, the pin can 'live' on a candle!

When not worn, the pin can ‘live’ on a candle!

Close up view of the candle wrap and pin

Close up view of the candle wrap and pin

Christmas wool felt 'snowflake' ball ornament

Christmas wool felt ‘snowflake’ ball ornament

In the spirit of necessary creativity, I decided to 1) try using a crystal lacquer on top of the wool berries, impregnating the wool felt so the fibers wouldn’t be apt to migrate anywhere. Then, after I applied it and worked it into the fabric, I decided I could add a bit of spark to the berries with a touch of very fine glitter (the kind used in scrap-booking) on top of the still damp lacquer. If you look at the pin, you can see the results. Not bad! I was unsure that she would be able to wear it though, so I decided to 2) make a wool felt sleeve – or in this case an acrylic felt sleeve – for a battery operated candle and then use it to ‘park’ the pin there. Makes a great candle decoration for any time of the year, and gives a person the option to be able to still enjoy the pin even if they don’t usually wear pins. I used my machine decorative stitches on the candle sleeve. I also had a chance to use Superior Threads metallic thread. I was truly amazed at how well it worked! Now, I just have to hope she enjoys it!

The last photo was an idea provoked by the Christmas season. I covered a ball with wool felt and after some drafting and trimming, I came up with this ‘ornament.’ It wasn’t particularly difficult to do – or not as tricky as I thought it might be. I will probably be tweaking it some more when I do the next one. I made this one a hostess gift to Pam – one of our daystitchers – who has graciously held an annual Christmas luncheon for the group, which is always a wonderful affair. I think she may be Martha Stewart in disguise! Besides, it’s a nice opportunity to visit with other daystitchers when we all don’t have something going in our hands!!

In real life, well, I have no cookies made yet, the tree is up, but not trimmed. No gifts are wrapped and I still need to set up the little Christmas village for the grandgirls! Somehow things will likely get done, and if not – I remind myself what really is important at Christmas. Should I not post again before the holiday, I wish you all the blessings and gifts of the Christmas season!

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  1. Judy Wachter says:

    Will there be patterns available for the 5 pins that you gave as gifts? They are beautiful.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Judy! So glad you enjoy them! These pins are so fun to make and generally only take a day, possibly two, to make. I had a lot of fun changing up the materials used for these 5 pins; I wanted the shop owners to have pins that had materials I had purchased at their specific stores. And yes, there will be patterns for these – I will be working on my series of pins through the first months of the New Year. Each pattern will feature two different pin variations with lots of suggestions for options to personalize them to your liking. They will also include fully illustrated instructions for the beaded edges and information about beads. Hopefully, I will get two more done by the end of January, possibly a third one…However, I am also going to be working on preparing samples for a table topper workshop/class I am teaching in Feb. so will see just how much I can (or don’t!) get done!!! I would encourage you to check back in the latter part of January to see what I accomplish!

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