Mmmm..frosted donuts in my back yard!!

Mmmm..frosted donuts in my back yard!!

OK… I couldn’t help it…It’s a beautiful snowy morning here in Minnesota and I love watching the snow fall. I know – this is NOT fun for those who have to travel to work or get across a town to an appointment, but for those of us who are lucky enough to just be able to ‘hunker down’ in a warm home (with untold projects that are begging for attention!), this snowy world provides us much beauty. (And for anyone who has a young canine companion, the snow provides unlimited opportunities to laugh while watching them enjoy the fluffy white stuff!!) However, I did not expect to see the above scene less than 25 feet from our back windows – frosted donuts!

I must have some kind of secret, latent hunger/desire for such sweets: I can honestly say that I long ago pretty much banished such treats from my diet in an effort to improve my health and I rarely even think of indulging, but that doesn’t mean occasional situations don’t tempt me! And here they are this morning! Guess you can never tell where ‘inspiration’ might show up – just wish it wasn’t leaving me salivating!! 🙂

So today I will distract myself, starting the drawing and drafting of another pin pattern. It has taken me several days to come up with a name for this pattern. Sounds a bit crazy but I was never one to ‘name’ my quilts or projects, so it always takes me a bit to figure out something that works! Sometimes, I think I should do like many artists do – you know, something like ‘landscape #1, landscape #2, etc.) Trouble is I could never remember what ‘pin pattern #1’ might be, at least not by the time I got to ‘pin pattern #4’!!!! I’d love to hear your thoughts on ‘naming’ our handwork projects.

Snowy view out our back window!  Even the birds seem to be hunkered down!

Snowy view out our back window! Even the birds seem to be hunkered down!

Tomorrow, I’m off for the second half of the topper class at Quilter’s Haven in Rosemount. Can’t wait to see what the ladies have done. I will be bringing my camera and hopefully will be able to post some pictures of their projects! And yes, I do hope the snow will stop in time to make the drive there as safe as winter driving can be. Stay tuned!

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