What fun to see my samples on display in the National Non Woven’s booth!

It’s taken a few days for me just to ‘get my bearings’ as I thoroughly enjoyed the International Quilt Market in Houston. As a first timer, I really didn’t know what to expect…and as a designer, it is a bit different to attend, since most vendors are geared toward shops. I had two main goals in attending: to be able to take in just what is ‘out there’- materials, tools and notions, patterns, techniques, etc. so that my patterns will be current, unique, and inspirational………and to be able to network with others regarding any of the aspects of pattern design, production, sales, etc. I believe I accomplished both of those goals. So many vendors were generous with their advice and encouragement – I wish I could thank them all! I do know that I have been overwhelmed with ideas as my mind is racing with potential projects and patterns. (I think I need to clone me!!) I do think that visual and sensory overload is common to creative people as we tend to look at materials and can think of umpteen new ways to use them!!

Another view of the National NonWovens booth

Needless to say I had a great experience. It was so fun to see my things at the National NonWovens booth and to meet Christin who I’ve communicated with via email. There were a number of ‘quilt shows’ on display and they were wonderful to take in, especially since this is an international market/show and therefore you have quilting from all over – Australia, Denmark, Japan, UK, etc. It is truly amazing what others are doing worldwide. I often ‘forgot’ that some of the pieces were quilts – I saw pieces of art that just happened to be done in fabric/fibers! I told my DH that I really thought the showings should be billed as an art show! I think there are many people who are not familiar with quilting (or think only of a cover on grandma’s bed!) and would be amazed at what the quilt and fiber world has to offer! Anyhow…while I am figuring out just which project I should tackle first, I am also trying to put together some market pictures to share with you (maybe even a slide show, if I can figure that out!!) Please be patient…the day only has so many hours! I don’t know if anyone else feels like I do sometimes: when I am at the computer, I’m thinking I would rather be stitching/designing and when I’m stitching/designing I think I should be working on blog posts, etc. 🙂

While I work on the Market photos, I promised in my last blog to show a few closeups of the pins I had photographed in group pictures. So..here’s a few of those. Everyone seems to love the pins and I am beginning to draft up the patterns. Like all things, I think once I get the first one done, the others will go more smoothly. I am interested in any opinions as to whether I should consider making kits for the pins…any thoughts or comments are welcome!!

I love this little red snowflake!

Snowflakes come in all colors! How about that faceted glass button!!

Sometimes it’s fun to work a design with ‘informal balance’

Everyone needs to be sure to bring their own mistletoe!

Love this design, but I think I will be tweaking the stitching and appliques!

How clever was I?!?! See the star and the stripes?

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  1. Enjoying looking at your new creations Mary. Miss talking to you, but like you said, It seems that theres not enough time in a day to get all the things you want to do…well,…done.Funny how we still haven’t gotten together for a lunch. I have so much to tell you,so here it is in a nutshell. Travis bought his first home. Tyler just got another promotion and is now running the autobody shop he works at. Dylan is driving and has a job at skyzone. The buisness is running well and Kevin and I are still together 24 hours a day and still haven’t killed each other. Hope your health is good and Rick and the kids are well. Miss you my friend. Denise

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