My last order of Valdani threads.

My last order of Valdani threads.

No, not the kind of threads you follow on the web!! I’m referring to all those wonderful spools, skeins, and balls of luscious colors, various finishes, exotic textures that are always begging to be put to use. I’m old enough to remember when thread choices basically consisted of sewing threads (silk, cotton, some rayons and polyesters), embroidery thread skeins, some variety crochet and tatting threads; I also remember my mother searching hi and low for a good quality metallic thread that she used in some of her tatting work – usually just a gold or silver color! Times have changed and today’s manufacturers bring us an astounding variety of threads to enhance and embellish almost any application. While I have my favorite threads for my quilts/quilting, it was my involvement with wool has led me to more closely re-examine the choices being offered today.

I became aware of many of these threads as I shopped for wool, etc. I would see them in the shops – the hand dyes, the variegated, the balls, spools, and skeins in a variety of weights – and then I started noticing some of my fellow Daystitchers using some of them. After asking questions, I began to try various threads. After a lifetime of using DMC and JP Coats, I expanded my horizons!! Unfortunately, I discovered that the DMC of my youth is not the DMC of today: I heard several stories of thread that didn’t hold up and wasn’t colorfast. šŸ™ I couldn’t imagine putting several days or weeks into a wool project only to have the thread bleed or fade. I noticed that threads like Valdani and Prescencia moved much nicer through the fabric. I enjoyed a whole new world of color choices and variations. Valdani even offers a 3 strand embroidery floss that one can use right off the ball – no separating strands! While they do carry a somewhat higher price point, I no longer worry about color bleed and I have also come to the conclusion that the value is worth it. All of us should live within our budgets: when I consider the other quilting/stitching ‘gadgets’ and ‘accessories’ I am sorely tempted to buy, I realize that high quality materials are pure pleasure to work with and most often result in an outcome that makes the value of your efforts and time worthwhile. I think this becomes apparent to us the longer we have quilted, stitched or sewn; experience is a wonderful teacher!! This is certainly not to say that there are other very appropriate uses for DMC, JP Coasts, etc.; I have a large stash and will likely continue to use them for certain applications such as dishtowels.


Eye candy!! Valdani threads come in a variety of sizes and variations


Warning! These threads are addictive!


Look closely and you can see the subtle color changes in the variegated thread.

The pictures above are of an order from Valdani that I received this spring. I sent for 3 strand embroidery floss and perle cotton in both size 12 and 8; many of the colors come in both the floss and perle cotton and I found the difference in the thread type can occasionally make the colors appear just a bit different. I just placed another order and can’t wait to get it. I am thinking of making a few kits for the website and will be including some Valdani thread. I love the variegated threads, at least the ones I’ve tried. I’ve used them in my work and love the ‘just right’ color changes.

Then, this last Sept, I received a wonderful email from Dena L. who represents Kreinik threads , a fairly small family business that has been making decorative threads for around 40 years. Most anyone who has dabbled in stitchery, is probably familiar with their products: at least that is where I had become familiar with them. Over the years, like so many of you, I had saved the left over thread from various stitching projects and found I had a number of their spools. I used some of these in my wool models (Hummingbirds, Pinecones, etc.) and Dena had seen these at the spring market in the UK. She was more than complimentary regarding my work and wondered if I would be interested in receiving a sampling of their threads. Needless to say, take a look at these pictures and see what she sent!! (The basket is mine, but made the threads even prettier!) I was amazed! What a visual treat – quite overwhelming! While these threads are probably not the threads I would most likely use for applique stitching, they are absolutely wonderful for decorative purposes and embellishing. I had no idea of the extent of their thread line. Notice the thread/color card. I have great plans for their silk floss (which I am keeping in the bag to be sure it stays clean!!!) I can think of so many ways I might use these in some upcoming designs and projects.


Kreinik threads…wow! Can you believe the colors and variety!


Eye candy! Eye candy! Eye candy!


Dena sent a great variety and I can’t wait to try them out!


This was just one set of color/thread cards!


Luscious silk floss – kept in bag for ‘clean-keeping!’


Look at these textures!

Hopefully this post will cause you to dig around in those drawers and closets and find all those left over spools of thread: or perhaps the next time you are in a quilt/stitchery shop, you will be inspired to try just a new spool/hank of thread for your applique.

Next post???? Did I tell you I just received a shipment of new wool from National Non Wovens??

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