One would think that during the last 6-7 months of ‘Covid times’ that I would be caught up on my blog, product postings, personal projects, and household chores and upkeep! Well – NO NO NO and NO! I have worked on bits and pieces of all of these, and while my personal projects are half done, I am finally making an attempt to get caught up with my blog and website. During this time it has been so fun to see what others are doing; what projects they are finishing and/or starting! As an small online business of selling my wool pattern designs, I don’t get a chance to see my customers’ work as they complete any of my patterns. I miss that exchange. As a former art teacher, I so loved it when I would give the kids an assignment and then – a few days later – bear witness to all the different interpretations they presented to me. I remember telling my DH that their creativity drove my own creative juices. It wasn’t about the skill level, but the interpretation, the color and design choices, etc. That is one of the reasons I created this gallery – to inspire others to trust their own creative interpretations and to share with others, encouraging them to ‘give it a go.’

I am so grateful to have been given permission to post these two projects in the gallery. The first project is by Marie Millis who happens to belong to the same FB wool applique group as I do. She did this stunning interpretation of my Blooms In Blue pattern. I enjoy the higher contrast wools – between the background wool and the lighter center wool – and the effect that had on the blue blooms! Marie’s work is beautifully executed, beadwork and all. To say nothing of the lovely setting in which she photographed the topper would be remiss…..that gorgeous glass piece is so stunning. I’ve never seen one similar.

This second photo is by Kathy Purkiss, also a member of the same FB wool applique group. She completed her version of my Daisy Garden pattern and did a wonderful job.  I like how she spaced out the beads around the outer edges – reminds me of the little picots done in crochet or tatting.  She also left out the little curli-swirls by the bottom of the daisies….and aren’t those daisies just so nicely executed???  To top it off, that beautiful glass pear  only serves to accent the colors in the ‘daisy garden’!  I envy those pieces every time I’m digging around the house to find centerpieces with which to photograph my pattern models.

My thanks goes out to Marie and Kathy for sending or posting  photos on FB and allowing me to post them here.  I hope this encourages others to send in photos of their projects that involve my patterns.  Together, we all learn and improve our personal work.  Keep the love in stitching!

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