Daisy pin

Since my last post, I have been a flurry of activity! Creating more pins, doing an “unexpected” trunk show, getting new business cards made, and getting everything in order so my visit to Houston will go smoothly. All good things. It certainly makes the days fly by! Plus, I have a showing of my “other art” (jewelry/beadwork/stained glass pendants) the day I get back from Houston, so I have been getting everything inventoried, priced and ready to go. Top everything off with fact that we are now the proud “parents” to a four-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy named Reka. There is no doubt puppies need attention!

So, today I am amazed. I actually think I am pretty much ready to go. I’m leaving as much room in my bags as possible for the goodies I may find at the market. Having never been there, I understand it can be quite overwhelming for a first-timer!

I am excited though, as National NonWovens will have some of my toppers and pins on display. It should be fun to see them.  The pins are not yet patterns, but I am working on creating those and they should be available early next year.  I’ve been making enough of them so that I can determine the best techniques and materials to use. The results are adding to my ‘collection’ as you can see in the pictures below.

I’ll be taking pictures in Houston as well, and hopefully I’ll have some of those to share with you when I get back. Enjoy the photos!

I particularly enjoyed these making these four pins – all just a bit of a variation

Teal blue flower with batik fabric! Love that center button!

A variation of the teal flower design!

This one of my favorites! Varied petal shape and no batik!

Another variation… different edge beading and petal shape!

Maybe I should call this the ‘nature series’?!?!

As you can see, there really is no end to the variations possible. I experimented with some new shapes as well as color themes, and the two purple drop pins were actually supposed to be one pin, but things didn’t work out, so they became separate pins. The snowflakes are a lot of fun to do and I love the touch of sparkle added by the Swarovski crystals. I had been thinking about a way to do a daisy. Last but not least, I decided a patriotic color scheme would be worth a try.

These snowflakes are fairly easy to do and I love the sparkle of the crystals!

Two pins and color schemes from the intention of one!

Two divergent ideas: a daisy ‘layered’ flower and a patriotic color scheme!

Time is telling me to wrap it up here. I do have some close up views of all these pins and will include them in future posts. Meanwhile, I’m off to Houston. I hope to have lots of exciting information and ideas to share with you!

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