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Bloom'N'Berries Flower Pins

Bloom'N'Berries Flower Pin(s) Patterns

Two very different flower pins based on the same classic six-flower petal shape. The blue bloom features an inner cotton batik applique as well as the opportunity to use a wide variety of ribbons, felt, wool, and threads as flower ‘stamens,’ topping the whole effect off with a covered and beaded centerpiece button. It is shown also using the more decorative and lacey picot edge beading. The berries flower uses a cotton vinyl inner flower applique, a second ‘inside’ flower layer, as well as stuffed berries and silk ribbon stamens around a distinctive centerpiece button. The techniques used in each flower are interchangeable, giving you many more options than the two flowers shown here!

DKBlu-BerryPins2 BlueBatik1 BlueBatikCU AllWoolCherryRedw.Berries5 RedBlackFlower1 PinkBatikCU

Price: $10.95