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Feather Your Nest

feathers and robins on a 11" x 29" table runner designed in wools/wool felt blends

It’s always time to ‘feather one’s nest’! After a long cold winter, spring warmth finds many of us observing various birds returning north for the summer and busily preparing their nests – reminding us to pay attention to our own surroundings. This 11″ x 29″ table runner celebrates not only the feisty, reliable robin but suggests that we can make our own ‘nest’ whatever we want it to be! Done in either brighter spring colors (wool felt blends) or in rich, muted tones (felted woven wools), this runner features beautiful embroidered feathers, including some which are ‘hanging’ off the edge! Soft swirls and green leaves make for a graceful, elegant design. There is an optional ‘feather your nest’ sentiment. Seed beads add a bit of sparkle to the background as well as finish the top edges along with a blanket stitch. The pattern includes full size templates as well as illustrations and instructions.

Price: $10.95