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Fruits Of The Vine

20" x 16" wool (and cork) appliqued table mat celebrating the 'fruits of the vine' - ready to be made into wine that will grace many of life's occasions

This 20″ x 16″ table mat/runner celebrates the blessings of a bountiful harvest of luscious grapes fresh off the gnarled vines….ready to be made into wines that will grace many of life’s occasions and providing fellowship and good will.  Not your typical wool applique subject matter, but certainly appealing to those who enjoy today’s abundance of wineries and travels through vineyards, as well as having a sense of more contemporary design.  In keeping with the wine theme, the pattern model is actually done with cork for the individual panel background……and while stitching cork to a background is relatively easy, stitching wool appliques to cork calls for some patience and good hand health.  Just know that this runner can easily be completed using all wool for the backgrounds, foregoing the cork.  And if the larger mat size doesn’t work for you, the individual panels can be made into small wall hangings or pieces to be presented on a bread board or frame.  What a great gift when given with a nice bottle of wine!  Only 2 basic stitches are used throughout, with a few glass beads applied for ‘bubbles’!  The pattern features full sized templates, a full sized Applique/Placement Guide, along with complete step by step directions and illustrations. There are illustrations about beading applique as well as illustrations of embroidery stitches used and links to my video tutorials for beading  [ DesignAndBeMary ]   For those who like to make projects their very own, consider personalizing your own runner with your favorite custom wine – rose?  blanc? !   Here’s to raising a glass to the fruits of the vine!!  Just make sure you can sip and stitch! 🙂

Price: $10.95