Marie's Christmas Pin

Marie's Christmas Pin Pattern

For the upcoming holiday season, I wanted to share this FREE Christmas pin pattern in honor of my mother Marie — a very talented woman who was extremely creative at “making do!”

As you may well know, it used to be quite fashionable to dress up your coat or outfit with a brooch – especially during the holidays. Sometime in the late 70s or so, she created these pins, giving them to friends and donating them for sale to the church bazaar. They were inexpensive to make and she enjoyed the easy handwork they provided.

Everyone loved them and I still have the ones she made for me.  They have worn well but are now a little fragile.  To help with that, I have updated the pattern a bit, adding some firm interfacing and using wool blend felts.  However, it doesn’t veer far from the original — the actual tree pattern is traced from her original chip board template!

Anyway, Mom’s been gone since 1999, and I hope she would be happy and honored to see her creation being shared!

Free Download (.pdf)