Native Beauty - Artisan Series*

beautiful native inspired floral 24" x 11" table mat designed in felted wool

This 24″ x 11″ table runner is a tribute to the incredible beauty of Native American handwork. Long before Europeans arrived, native hand workers created wonderful designs inspired by nature and using available materials. While geometric designs are often seen, floral designs were often used. Native peoples also had a bag called an ‘octopus’ bag. Used much like a purse, this bag had long hanging tabs, ‘tongues’ or ‘fingers.’ Could this design be the inspiration behind the tongues that we see on the penny rugs and mats stitched by early American women?? This pattern features not only those tabs/tongues, but also beautiful floral designs accented by blanket stitch beadwork. The runner also features two distinctive bands of fabric ‘quillwork’ done in the same manner as actual porcupine quillwork. Detailed instructions and illustrations for both the quillwork and the beadwork are included in the pattern as well as full size templates and placement guide. A You Tube video demonstrating the blanket stitch beading is also available. Of course, you can substitute french knots for the beadwork, but by using the correct size/type of beads you might be surprised at how easy it is to accomplish the beading! Photos below include models done in felted woven wools as well as wool felt blends.

*PLEASE NOTE: This pattern is part of the Artisan Series patterns. These patterns are designed for the handworker who has 1) intermediate stitching skills, 2) understands the basics of applique, fusibles, threads and typical materials used in wool applique, and 3) has the confidence to interpret and execute complex patterns.  While these patterns will explain the construction techniques used, they do not include many of the beginning basics that are commonly used as a primary reference. These patterns may also include the challenge of a new and creative technique or material

Price: $10.95