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Posies In My Pocket

a pocket full of posies 9" x 28" table mat designed in felted wool

Who doesn’t love walking through a garden or along a roadside and picking a handful of those more common (but oh so beautiful!) flowers. ‘Posies’ – daisies, bluets, marigolds, asters, violets or windflowers….all boast a very simple arrangement of petals and colors. And who won’t remember stuffing that handful of flowers into a pocket – so you could either pick more flowers, do other things with your hands, or maybe you just got tired carrying them if you had a long walk home. If you were lucky, the blooms withstood the trip – ready to be put in a vase or glass of water to be enjoyed either by yourself or to be thoughtfully presented to someone to brighten their day. This 9″ x 18″ table runner captures this innocent joy with it’s denim pockets stuffed with flowers. The flower appliques are done with simple embroidery stitches and buttons for center accents. There is a graceful embroidered edge that includes little beaded floral ‘buds.’ (Don’t worry – beading instructions are included in the pattern and a video is available on the DesignAndBeMary YouTube channel!).  And if beading just isn’t calling your name, you can substitute french or colonial knots. No room for a runner? Simply create 1/2 of the design, add hangers and make a 9″ x 14″ banner/wall hanging! Pattern includes both illustrations and written instructions along with a full size placement guide and templates; it is written for felted woven wools or wool felt blends. Note: this pattern was previously published in the Summer 2019 issue of Wool Works magazine and is now available through this website.


Price: $10.95