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23" Appliqué Pattern Designed in Wool Felt & Wool

Ever since I first watched the Wizard of Oz, I have loved scarecrows (especially the ones who need brains!!)  With that inspiration, I created this 23” topper.  There are two separate ‘snowflake’ appliqués  as well as a considerable assortment of smaller appliqués.  The straw ‘cuffs’ (legs, arms, waist, and neck) can be stitched flat or you can use thread to achieve a 3-D look.  The eyes are beaded as is the background.  Pattern is suitable for an intermediate level – although a determined advanced beginner might succeed if patient with the many appliqués and stitches.

Scarecrow Appliqué Pattern    Scarecrow Appliqué Detail 2    Scarecrow Appliqué Detail 2

Price: $10.95