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Snowflake Sampler Trio

Applique Sampler Pattern, 6 1/2", 7 1/2 " or 8" round, designed in Wool or Wool Felt

This fun little trio of snowflake ‘mini toppers’ provides you with a several choices in both design and techniques. The snowflakes range in size from 6 1/2″, 7 1/2″ or 8″ round and are shown here made with either wool felt or felted woven wool.  Because of their smaller size, any one of this trio can easily be completed in just a day or two, depending on your choices. Imagine the possibilities!!

SnowflakeTrio#3 SnowflakeTrio#3-CU SnowflakeTrio#2 SnowflakeTrio#2-CU SnowflakeTrio#1 SnowflakeTrio#1-CU

Price: $10.95