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Snowy Evening

20-21" Appliqué Pattern Designed in Wool Felt & Wool

This 20-21” topper is meant to call to mind those beautiful snowy winter evenings with the bright moon illuminating the snow as it falls through the trees.  In this pattern the backing also serves as the top front border/edge which is trimmed with a ‘wave’ rotary cutter.  Background beading makes the falling snow ‘sparkle,’  and there is some additional beaded embellishment as well as some surface embroidery.  Pattern is suitable for an advanced beginner with patience and enthusiasm – it is not particularly difficult, but does call for careful handling of the large tree branch appliqué.

Snowy Evening Pattern    Snowy Evening Appliqué Detail 1    Snowy Evening Appliqué Detail 2    Snowy Evening Appliqué View 1

Price: $10.95