Valentine Posie Pins

Valentine Posie Pins Pattern

I created these Valentines pins a few years back. I had fun making them and gifted all of them away. I have occasionally used the photo I took of them for my website as well as a featured Valentine’s greeting on Facebook and the like. Every year I have been asked if there was a pattern for them and every year I replied that my intent was to create a free download pattern. Well this is that year and this is the download – my gift to you! After 2020, we all need a bit more love. Happy Valentines Day!

I found my initial pattern designs and created one pin while remembering to take photos as I put it together. I did not recreate all the variations you see, but the pins are all constructed in much the same manner. You can pick and choose and have a lot of fun using up all those odds and ends in your stash of embellishments. They make great little gifts for both the young and the old – and no one will gain a pound (unlike those tempting boxes of chocolates)! These diminuitive pins – 3″ to 4″ in height – are very sturdy and will retain their shape as they have a cloth wrapped wire support as well as an extra heavy weight interfacing. Plus you have an opportunity to try a little bit of beading – visual and text instructions are included as well as a link to my YouTube video tutorial(s) at my DesignAndBeMary YouTube channel. You might surprise yourself at how easy beading can be!

So have fun with the pattern and think kind thoughts as you create. I’d love to see photos of what you create…Feel free to send images to me at my website. Oh….One more thing, make as many as you like to wear or give away. Just remember however, that you need to contact me for permission should you be interested in making them for profit.

Free Download (.pdf)