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Wall Pocket

12" X 6.6" Wall Pocket - designed in faux birch bark wool felt or felted woven wool

Sometimes it’s fun to take a break from toppers and candle mats. Use both your machine and hand stitching skills to make this unique 12″ x 6.6″ wall pocket that can hold anything from seasonal flowers to your sewing ‘utensils’! Use your machine, regular sewing thread, and wool felt to create a faux birch bark look OR use Bosal In-R-Foam lining, felted woven wool and your favorite applique techniques to make it as modern or primitive as you like! This is a fairly straightforward pattern, but it will appeal to those of you who are willing to involve yourselves with the use of larger needles, heavier threads/yarns, and perhaps an awl or possibly a small pliers to help with stitching through heavier layers. These pockets are wonderfully lightweight, don’t break, and can easily be ‘customized.’ They make great housewarming and seasonal gifts.

Consider adding either 1) the faux Birch Bark kit (2 colors of wool blend felt – prepared and ready to use, Peltex Ultra firm 2 sided Fusible, and 3 colors of wool felt roving to add character to your ‘bark’ OR 2) the Bosal double sided fusible In-R-Form (2 pieces) for using with felted woven wool. All you have to add are the decorative stitching threads/yarns, needles, buttons and/or scrap wools for appliques, and a hanger of your choice. Click on the link below and use the drop down options for ordering. [Eventually these ‘kits’ will be listed separately in Pattern Kits and Supplies and Notions for those who wish to make more than one wall pocket.]

birchbarkwallpocket2-copy-2 birchbarkwallpocket4-copy-2 woolwallpocket1-copy-2 woolwallpocket3-copy-2 woolwallpocket4-copy-2 woolwallpocket7-copy-2

Price: $10.95