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Wild Roses

delicate wild rose blooms on a petite 18" x 9" table mat designed in felted wool

It’s very simple…I love wild roses. I’ve seen them hiking in the mountains, over in the local regional park, and along the roadside gracing rural America. Who could resist the soft pink beauty of these delicate blooms(much less the fragrance!)? So it was inevitable that they would find their way into one of my designs. With timeless beauty, this rather petite 18″ x 9″ table mat features two 3-dimensional wild rose blooms – both placed carefully in a graceful half circle arc at opposing ends. Delicate and somewhat whimsical embroidered fronds accent the stem and foliage, with each frond ending in a tiny beaded ‘bud’. The rose flowers each have center petals that are secured in a way that allows them to be three dimensional. The flower centers are embellished with embroidery and beading (or french knots if you prefer!). The rose leaves can be done as ‘split color’ leaves or simply as one color. The graceful half circle arcs are accented with blanket stitch beading which adds a lacy and perhaps a bit of old fashioned feeling to the mat. Pink not your color? Try pale yellow roses (I believe yellow roses are for friendship!) – or even pale lavender. No room for a table mat? Simply create one half of the design and display it on a decorative hanger. While all beadwork can be omitted and replaced with french knots, the pattern includes illustrated and detailed instructions for beading (there is also a YouTube video available). So treat yourself to a few roses this summer – or for that matter – all year long!  Photos below include models done in felted woven wools as well as wool felt blends.

Price: $10.95