Winter's Mantel

Winter's mantel 11' x 20" table mat or 8" x 20" framed wall decor done in wool applique

How appealing is the simple comfort of a cozy winter fireplace with a mantel displaying Mother Nature’s finest gifts of the season – embroidered pine boughs, deep green appliqued holly leaves, rustic pine cones and various bright colored berries. This pattern can be made as an 11″ x 20″ table mat which features a center display area OR as an approximately 8″ x 20″ piece of framed wall art, complete with an embroidered name or other sentiment of your choosing. While the pattern features wool applique as well as embroidery and embellishment with buttons, metallic Paint Stik paint, and metallic threads, it can also be done in regular quilting cottons. This is an ‘all season’ design that can be left out for the entire winter season. The long narrow shape of the framed version would be a welcoming piece hung above any doorway even as the table mat will bring the warmth of the season to any table or dresser.

Price: $10.95