Woodland Reflections

Woodland reflections in a 13" x 13" wool applique wall hanging or tray

What would be more fun than to see your self reflection surrounded by the floral beauty found in the woodlands? This approximately 13′ x 13″ wool applique wall hanging features a ‘pocket’ that will hold a standard size mirror tile, all surrounded by the bright and colorful berries, blooms and leaves found in woodland areas. The leaves can be created as solid colors or as ‘split’ leaves as shown in the model. The mirror wall hanging is quite durable and has an extra firm interfacing (to help keep its shape) along with inside areas of cotton fabric. Due to it’s heavier construction, an awl must be used for much of the edge stitching. The wool applique features common applique stitches along with embellishments of beads, buttons, and regular embroidery. All edges are finished with a strong heavy ‘thread’ such as raffia, sock yarn, or a similar personal choice. No place for a wall mirror? Consider leaving off the hanging tabs and create a beautiful mirrored table tray, ready to hold a favorite candle, vase, candy dish, etc. As shown in the wall hanging model, you will need to purchase a hanger or create one of your own. This beautiful pattern is something just a bit different for those of you who like to stretch your creativity a bit.

Price: $10.95