Wool Felt Assortment for Yule Tree Calendar Ornaments

30 pc. assortment of wool felt blends for Yule Tree Advent Calendar ornaments

This is a 30 piece assortment of different colored wool felt blends and is meant to get you started on making the Yule Tree Advent Calendar ornaments. Each 3 1/2″ x 8″ piece has been washed, dried, and steam pressed; ready to be used. There are 2 white pieces and 28 other colors. These wool felt blends are made by National Non Wovens.

Please note:   this assortment is intended to provide you an initial collection of wool felt colors to use as you make your ornaments.  You will likely have scrap pieces left over from making the calendar and – depending on your color preferences as well as how many ornaments you wish to make – you may want to purchase additional certain colors/quantities of wool felt (see resources).  This ‘starter’ assortment IS NOT enough to complete all 43 ornaments as shown on the pattern.

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Price: $12.95