I can’t say how appreciative I am when any of you send in photos of your WIPs (works in progress!). It is so fun to see how you interpret and present my designs and patterns. I know that sometimes it takes a bit of courage to put your work out there, but you never know who YOU may be encouraging buy sharing your work. I am a bit behind in posting this wonderful Daisy Garden – done in red – by Kathy Strope Bowen. She posted it on FB in February. Those late winter months were not particularly good to me health wise so I didn’t get it posted…until now. Forgive me Kathy! I love her choices of the deep red color and the muted sage green. Looked to me like she was doing a fine job of stitching. So let this inspire you to try your own colorway with my patterns!

Just this past week, Nancy Garnett sent me this photo of her Cobblestone Garden Path. What is more amazing is that she only received the pattern about a month ago – and this ‘Artisan Series’ pattern is no small undertaking! Remember that the Artisan Series patterns are designated so because they are more complex in construction and execution. I can see that she modified various aspects to her own liking and that is exactly how one makes a project/piece their own. Again, it is so fun to see how she chose to stitch the pattern. What a great job! Above all, I hope she enjoyed the stitching and is proud of her final project – she should be, don’t you agree??

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