According to the forecast – and the rains we have been having – it appears that we here in Minnesota are in for a week of dreary and drab weather.  While I miss getting outdoors for some walking or tending to the gardens, I must also acknowledge that there is something about ‘hunkering down’ for the day that encourages the urge to create! After all, one is momentarily freed of all the outdoor work that comes with summer, especially in climates where winter is long and cold!  So there is freedom to tackle any number of projects!

Stack of Wool Felt

Stack it!

As of Thursday this week, I wasn’t exactly sure of where my day might go.   There has been an inviting stack of wool felt on my ‘big board’ for the past week.  A mid-morning phone call to connect with a local quilt shop owner – Patty at Fabric Town (who generously provided advice to me as I sought direction when creating my patterns) – provided me with a bit of motivation.  Having purchased a number of patterns,  she was inquiring as to the possibility of having a sample or two in the store for this summer’s Minnesota Shop Hop.  While I  have a limited number of pattern samples done and am pleased to help the local shops who have been supportive of my efforts, I began to think that perhaps creating a few more might be a good idea.  It would mean that the inviting pile of wool felt and the ideas it might generate will have to wait a bit.  Oh well!!  It then occurred to me that this would be a great opportunity to share with you a photo record of the step by step sample construction.  Suddenly my day was shaping up!!

And if that was not ‘inspirational’ enough,  I received a second phone call from another local quilt shop – Eagle Creek Quilt Shop.  Becky and Lori have been very encouraging and helpful to me. Recently they took a few of my samples to the spring market in Kansas, where the pattern designs were met with a very positive and enthusiastic response!  I am so grateful for their support. Eagle Creek carries a considerable amount of felted wool,  as well as wool felt from National Non-Wovens.  The shop already has some of my patterns, but on June 1 and 2, they will be having their monthly ‘Breakfast Club’  and have invited me to come and make a short presentation introducing my samples and patterns.   I realized that creating a few more samples will be very helpful at these events and resolved to get busy!!

Fall Leaves Full Layout of Ready Appliques

Fall Leaves sample layout ready for stitching!

So by mid-Thursday afternoon, I decided that I would make a second sample of the popular Fall Leaves pattern, and in the process. I will be posting photos, hints,  and techniques on the blog.  Suddenly, I forgot the day was dreary.  I pinned, pressed, cut, arranged, and pinned again,  and by mid evening I had a topper all ready for stitching and embellishment!  Catch the next post to follow along!

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