Table Top Patterns

All patterns in this series are made using a combination of 100% felted wool fabric, 35% wool felt, and 20% wool felt. In contrast to more conventional wool appliqué methods, almost all these appliqués are applied in a stacked manner – one on top of another – rarely cutting away any under-layer. It is the wonderful quality of wool that allows this. These layers make for a very substantial and stable topper. Adequate steam pressing does an amazing job of compressing the layers. You will also find that these toppers are finished – front and back – with no exposed knots or threads.

All patterns are actual size and identify the specific supplies and materials needed. Appropriate information regarding embellishments is included. I have also included an estimate of the appropriate skill level for each pattern, but please remember this can be very subjective!

These patterns are designed and written with wool & felted wool appliqué in mind, but could easily be made as a fusible and/or hand appliqué project using cotton or other appropriate fabrics. Specific instructions regarding those techniques/materials are not included, leaving that choice to those of you who have previous experience with those techniques.